varan şira….. aims at reach the healthy and delicious products that are raised in our country and all over the world as well as aesthetic values to the ones who are need of them. We ensures to open the products particularly risen in our country such as vegetable products, fresh grape, dried grape, grape molasses, grape pulp, grape banger, fresh mulberry, dried mulberry, mulberry molasses, mulberry pulp, mulberry banger, fresh fig, dried fig, gig jam, fig dessert, and animal products such as milk, cow’s milk, buffalo milk, sheep milk, goat milk, camel milk, cow’s cheese, buffalo cheese, sheep cheese, goat cheese, and derivatives, yoghurt, cow’s yoghurt, buffalo yoghurt, sheep yoghurt, goat yoghurt, and derivatives, beauty and aesthetic products, rose, dry and fresh rose, black rose, and other every kind and type of roses, rose fragrance, rose essence, and rose oil, perfume and cosmetic products to world markets making import and export trade.

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